Truffle Mac n' Cheese with Smoked Chicken
Step 1Place tray in the oven at 160.c for 35 minutes or until hot through. Step 2Heat garlic bread in the oven...
Braised Beef Cheek Cottage Pie
Braised beef cheeks slow cooked in an enriched beef sauce, topped with root vegetable mash & cumin gouda. Step 1Place the tray...
Greek Lamb Moussaka
Slow cooked NZ lamb in Greek herbs, layered with roasted aubergine and a nutmeg spiced cheese sauce. Step 1Place tray in a...
Mexican Pulled Pork Fajitas
Mexican pulled pork with capsicum, onion, beans, jalapeno served with tortillas, sour cream & salsa Step 1Remove pulled pork tray from the...
Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Crumble
Free range chicken with bacon, button mushrooms in a creamy bechamel sauce, topped with toasted & buttery panko herbed crumb. Step 1Place...
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