Everything you need to know about the delivery of your order

All your meals are made fresh to order, and then flash-frozen to trap in the flavour. We use Woolcool biodegradable packaging to keep your meals cool and fresh until you pack them into your fridge or freezer. Woolcool keeps meals fresh and chilled and is environmentally-friendly.


Delivery days and times

Our delivery team do their thing on XXXX , depending on what day you choose at checkout.

One off orders -


Order by XXXX on XXXX to receive a XXXX the following week.

Order by XXXX on XXXX to receive a XXXX delivery the following week.


Weekly meal boxes -


Order a new subscription by XXXX XXXX for a delivery the following Tuesday, or by XXXX XXXX for a delivery the following XXXX .

What if I’m not home?

If you’re not home, our couriers will leave your meals somewhere safe. When you place your order, you can leave a note to let us know the best place to leave your meals, for example “Please leave parcel around the corner on the garden side of my property”

Delivery costs

Delivery costs include a cardboard box, ‘Woolcool’ lining, ice pack & courier fee from our kitchen to your chosen address. Courier fees vary depending on pack size and destination but is generally around $15The website will automatically calculate this for you at the checkout.

Example: A 6 pack of meals delivered to Hamilton is $15.

A 10 pack of meals delivered to Christchurch is $15

Aotearoa-wide delivery

We deliver to most addresses nationwide.

Do you live rurally? Rural properties are more difficult to send meals to because the meals must be delivered within a certain time frame to ensure their freshness; however, there are a number of drop off points that the couriers can deliver to for you to collect from. First check here to see if your address is a rural delivery.

If your address is a rural delivery then you will need to locate the closest depot or drop to have your meals sent to for you to collect from. To find this click here and select your location on the map to find the closest drop off point to where you live. When checking out enter the address of your closest drop off point in the postal address section, and let us know that’s what you’re doing in the notes section.

**Please note that Pickup locations / Depot pickups are not available during the Covid-19 Lockdown for obvious reasons.

You must supply us a non-rural address.

What is your meals magically disappear

If there’s any issue with your order, please get in touch with us at XXXX We promise the your meals won’t do a magic trick. Well hopefully.


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