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Braised Beef Pie
"Ryan's Grandmother used her pressure cooker for many things but the braised beef was the best!" The all-time family favourite - New...
Beef Lasagna Bake
The most referenced page in our mothers Edmonds cookbook, the humble lasagna bake was a household staple growing up. It is by...
Beef Hot Pot
"Stews, casseroles, hot pot, call it what you want, there was nothing like coming home from late-night soccer practice to the smell...
Chicken Risotto
Creamy arborio rice cooked with chicken stock, buttery onions, leeks & chunks of chicken all finished with fresh green peas, parmesan cheese...
Country Chicken Crumble
"15 years ago chicken crumble was the most popular dish on our catering menu.  To this day it brings feelings of comfort."...
Award Winner
Cottage Pie with Potato Mash
An absolute classic meal in many households, the rich beef mince & vegetables covered in creamy potato mash delivers a comforting meal...
Smoked Fish Pie
"Fresh smoked Taupo Trout through my childhood would be made into the most delicious wholesome goodness of a Fish Pie." The heart-warming...
Chicken Pasta Bake
A year-round favourite -Penne pasta cooked with creamy basil pesto sauce, roast chicken pieces, broccoli, sprinkled with tasty cheese and chopped chives....
Butter Chicken with Rice
A crowd pleaser every time - Tender Chicken pieces cooked in a mild creamy curry sauce  & fluffy white rice.
Curried Chicken Sausages
"Jody Ladbrooks childhood staple.  And has become a Ladbrook family favourite everyone enjoys." An old family favourite - Tender chicken sausages and...
Macaroni Cheese
Nothing says comfort food like Mac ‘n’ cheese – Softly cooked macaroni covered in melt in your mouth creamy cheese sauce, smoky...
Potato & Leek Bake
"What’s not to love about this dish, creamy potato & leeks, baked until soft and comforting.  Mum used to call them scalloped...
Glazed Meatloaf with Potato Mash, Peas & Gravy
A homely meal enjoyed by all, classic meatloaf with creamy mashed potato, peas and covered in rich brown gravy.
Smokey Pork & Beans
"This dish reminds me of cooking baked beans and bacon on a backyard fire as a kid. I loved making damper bread...
Kumara & Chickpea Tagine
"In my young twenties I was a vegetarian, this was one of my go to dishes, I could make a big batch...
Red Lentil Bolognese
"As a young chef living away from home for the first time, this was an easy option to whip up. It was...
Mac n' Mince
A family favourite, Italian beef mince slow cooked in a tomato sauce then combined with the goodness of Macaroni and cheese sauce....
Coconut Curry Tofu with Rice
Lightly spiced tofu in a coconut green curry sauce, served with steamed rice and a sprinkle of crispy shallots.
Stroganoff with Rice
Creamy and mild peppery seasoned beef strips sautéed with button mushrooms, green beans and steamed white rice.
Beef Ragu with Penne 
Slow braised beef and vegetables in a tomato & country herb sauce, served on penne pasta and sprinkles of meltable cheese.
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